Stop the Reading Madness! [With a Mini-Challenge Trio]

Saturday, April 18, 2009 — 35 Comments

It’s time to switch mental gears! This mini-challenge offers several options for a quick break from your reading madness, and you have two hours to do it (Hours 16 and 17).

Select and complete one Reading Madness Mini-Challenge option, then write a short post about it. Send me the link to your post through the comments on this page—I’ll organize the links and publish them all at the end of the challenge (so be sure to visit after Hour 17 to see what everyone was up to!).

Option 1: Peeps War
Put your leftover Peeps to war! Place two or more Peeps facing each other on a microwavable plate (paper, if you want easy post-battle clean up). Stick a toothpick sword in each Peep, getting them poised and ready for battle. Turn on the microwave, and see which Peep evades the sword! Write a post about the battle and include a photo if possible.

Option 2: Hue Test
Do you have an eye for color? Take the hue color test to prove it! Write a post about your color arranging experience, including your score.

Option 3: Accent Game
Do you have an ear for accents? Play the accent game to see how many accents you can identify. Write a post about the game, including your score.

Reading Madness Mini-Challenge participants are eligible for the prize drawing: a signed copy of Ann Kroeker’s soon-to-be-released book, Not So Fast. Check out the book and the rest of Ann’s blog for more details.

I hope these activities provide some refreshment for the hours of reading ahead!

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35 responses to Stop the Reading Madness! [With a Mini-Challenge Trio]


    Sadly, I am Peep-less. I’d so love to try the Peeps challenge.

    Debbie—I am Peep-less too! So sad. I almost bought some just so I could participate in the fun. Maybe you can race to the grocery store in search of some Peeps! That would be a hysterical addition to this challenge. —es


    I tried to play the Accent Game and I’m very bad at it (12 pts tsk tsk). I tried to take the first row of the Hue Color Test, but was too impatient to finish the next 3 rows :P


    I scored 68 on the Hue Test – is that good? I think I skipped too quickly thru the explanation page…


    I opted for the Hue Test; hard on the eyes! Here’s my post.


    I’m also peep-less, too bad because the peeps war sounds like fun! We had no peeps for Easter (I hate them) and even if we did, my husband would have eaten them all.

    I did the hue test instead and scored much better than I expected, 18. I could tell that I had the most problems with blue/green.

    I’m going to do the accents some other time, and will probably do much worse at that one, but it sounds cool. Thanks for such an interesting challenge!


    I did the hue test and I think I did pretty well if 0 is the best score, but I am sure someone will beat me!

    Your score: 19
    Gender: Female
    Age range: 20-29
    Best score for your gender and age range: 0
    Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520


    I scored a poor 20 on the Accent Test…very sad!


    had I any Peeps it definitely would have been the Peep challenge so I settled for the accent game which I loved – my post is on my blog – thanks for the great challenge


    I’m winning on the hue test! I scored a 12! Best score is 0 out of 99.

    Don’t enter me; I just wanted a little fun competition. Your hosts are getting loopy! :-)


    No Peeps here to do battle. Did the Hue Test and Accent Test and did terrible.


    I would have done the peeps test – but no peeps here! So I did the hue color test – Here are my results.


    I’m horrible at accents. Check out my score on my site.


    I wish I had peeps! I had to take the color test soon. Here’s my post about the challenge:


    i scored 30 on the accent test. i also wrote about it on my blog.


    I took the Hue test. It was harder than I thought. My post about it, with my score, is at:


    Hehehehe: I did the Accent Test and I was awful (got a 20), but I had a ton of fun with it! Thanks for the break. :D


    i took the Hue Test and got 35.

    Wee. :)

    I posted about it here. :)


    We did a Peeps War! Hooray for that leftover Easter candy!
    Here is the link:


    Hi Erin – I did Option 2 and 3 just for fun, so please don’t enter me in the drawing.

    Scored 15 on the Hue Test and 44 on the Accent Game. It was very enjoyable!


    I was taking a break from mini-challenges last night so I missed this, but wanted to let you know I had a great time doing the Accent Game with my kids this afternoon. Thanks! (We got 36 points).

    Ali—Wasn’t the read-a-thon great fun?! So many things to participate in, it was easy to get lost in the activity and fail to READ! I loved it and hope to participate again in the future. —es

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