Warm Fuzzies at True Woman

Friday, September 24, 2010 — 2 Comments

Conversations. That’s an aspect of True Woman that I had hoped for and have now been blessed with.

Some have been with gals I’ve know for some time but now are all the richer. We’ve giggled and shed tears, two of my favorite relational investments.

EWO gals (1)

EWO gals (2)

Some have been with gals I’ve gotten to know through electronic connections, and the conference afforded face-to-face meetings, such as the one with Ann Kroeker. My heart is brimming with joy after spending time in her presence.

travel-sized Nutella

heart = happy

What can I say about Ann? She’s a writer and author (deep and practical). She’s the family and content editor over at High Calling Blogs (good reads!). She’s a runner (disciplined). She loves Nutella (that tells you a lot about a gal). Best of all, her heart is full of Jesus (’nuff said).

I walk away feeling inspired, wishing for hours to click away on my laptop, to be a better writer for the glory of Jesus.

Before today, Ann was a gal I knew via blogging and a few fun e-mail exchanges. Now, I have seen her heart in her eyes and am glad for a new friend. Someday, we’ll share some Nutella and tea and more words.

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2 responses to Warm Fuzzies at True Woman


    I love your updates from True Woman, but this one especially touches me because I know how you value your friends old and new. Ann seems so much in tune with you, that if I was not your sister, I would think she was the one blessed to be! ;)

    Hello, dear sister! Thanks for stopping by (and encouraging me!). Ann is a gem. You would like her. I’d like to get her to town to speak at church, then you can meet her. We’ll talk soon. —es

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