Exciting Changes Ahead!

Monday, February 10, 2014 — 3 Comments


For quite some time now, I’ve been working on a book project. I’ve worked on it here and there, whenever the whim struck my fancy, fitting it in between work, ministry, commitments, and responsibilities. Which means I’ve taken way longer to wrap it up than needed. Shocking, isn’t it, considering my approach? (ahem.)

A friend has challenged me to make good on the opportunity God has placed before me by making space to create. An assessment of my weekly load proved that I have lots of little things happening that keep me from getting any one thing done quickly or to the best of my ability. My friend suggested that I make the hard choice to put lots of little things on hold for a few months to give space for my writing. Gulp.

This is why I am taking a step of faith and putting my blog on hold until mid-May. It pains me, as I love writing here and interacting with you all. But in addition to several other commitments, my blog isn’t a must-do. Taking a few months away from this venue to direct my writing on my book will help me be faithful there . . . and get that sucker done.

But honestly? I am petrified. The thought of hitting the PUBLISH button on this post is giving me fits, even in this very moment. It’s time for my big girl pants and some Brene.

Here’s my fear: What if I clear my schedule and still don’t get my book done? Lord, have mercy.

Now, you may be wondering how all this classifies as exciting new changes when I’ve just announced that my blog will be closed until spring. Well, here’s how:

When I open up shop again, I will have a fab new Web site. EEEKKK!!!

I already know it will be beautiful, because my designer (Josh Jeffrey) is incredible. In addition to the Web site redesign, I will also be ready to launch my e-newsletter that I mentioned in the fall. You can sign up for it here.

So that’s the deal. I’m taking a break but when I come back, it will be all spiffy and new around here. Which Word Wednesday will be back, along with plenty of musings and rants and thoughts and questions—you know, all the usual stuff I typically write about.

Change is good. But it is so very hard. I’m glad I have the redesign to look forward to. And a finished book. (Prayers, please!) I’ll be back just in time for spring.

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3 responses to Exciting Changes Ahead!


    How exciting for you, and I’m sure you’ll find the ideas flow, the writing happens, and you’ll wonder why you waited to make the leap. Happy thoughts and prayers coming your way!


    Oooh! I’m so excited to see your new blog — all the best with your book!!


    Your readers will miss you! Good luck with your book.

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